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Bilby Terminology

Bilby has a definition of terms that are used throughout the Wiki docs and Website. Here are some examples of some of the most important terms used, and their definition;

  • Account: Refers to a Bilby record that permits a user access to the web services.

  • Activity: This is an activity that exists as a record on a Partners site.

  • Activity Owner: This is generally a Member that has created an activity and is responsible for that activity.

  • Bilby: This refers to the shortened name for Bilby Management Software.

  • Designated Domain: The subdomain related to a Partners account. For example, if a Partner had the account ‘My Cool Club’, their Website address could appear as ‘’ or ‘’.

  • Expired Member: A User that has paid for membership in the past, but no longer has valid membership.

  • Guest: Guests are new users that are attending an activity for the first time.

  • Member: A User that has paid a membership fee. Members have extra access within Bilby.

  • Officer: This is the general term for an administration role within Bilby. For a full list of roles, checkout the Administering User Roles page.

  • Partner: An organisation, club or association running on Bilby. Sometimes referred to as a Bilby Partner.

  • User: Refers to an individual that has an Account registered with a Bilby Partner.


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