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Having trouble with and want to ask a question?

We recommend reading the documents within our wiki site. You can search for various terms relating to your enquiry in the search feature. If you are still having issues or can’t find the answer you need, please reach out to a Partner directly, they can usually assist you further and if not they will forward the enquiry on to us for further investigation.

Have an issue that you would like to report?

When dealing with an issues or a bug in the system it can be frustrating, we know! In these instances we it helps to document as much information as possible so that the issue can be rectified quickly.

Once you have document the issue, send this information over to a Bilby Partner. We provide them with all the tools necessary to fix as much as possible, they may already be aware of your concerns and provide an update on how its going.

If anything becomes too tricky, Partners can reach out to our team who will investigate the issues and provide a solution.

No, I really want to talk to directly

OK, because you asked so nicely, we trust you will not misuse our mailbox.

You can send us a direct email and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that our team is often quite busy and there may be extended delays when replying to your email. We suggest you contact the Bilby Partner directly for any immediate concerns and they can assist you quicker. You can do this by email or calling your them directly.

Questions and Feedback

From time to time we will add feedback forms in various places to collect the thoughts of our community. We use this feedback to improve our platform and Bilby software is built by taking our users ideas into consideration.

Keep a look out for feedback forms, we would love to hear your thoughts!