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Support for Users

I have a general questions about Bilby

Need some help using Bilby? A Partner should be the first point of contact for any assistance that you need.

We try to make Bilby as easy as possible for everyone to use, however some things may not be so straight forward. If you’ve found yourself a little lost and not sure where to go, your Partner can usually help out.

I have an idea

Have a feature idea or request? Awesome, we want to hear it!

Write down all the details and make sure to raise it with your Partner. This will help them to consolidate any requests that may have already been made. You can do this by email or calling your Partner directly.

Anything that contributes to the system in a positive way is worth sharing. We have a roadmap that tries to encompass all the ideas that have been raised and provides a status on those items.

Help, I may have found a bug!

Oh no! We hate when that happens. This is pretty important to us, so thank you for helping us out and reporting any bugs you find.

Please get as much information as possible and report this to your Partner. You can do this by email or calling your Partner directly.

They find this information just as important as us, and they will pass this information along to our team to investigate further.

Information for Partners

If you have a Partner account please contact us using the contact details provided to you when registering your Partner account. Additionally, you can check out the Support for Partners page for more information.


We only send emails regarding upgrades and important feature updates.

If you are a Super Admin, we highly recommend you subscribe or follow our social media channels

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