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Feature Roadmap

Every now and then we receive some great suggestions for features. Here are some suggestions along with ideas that we have on improvements for the system.

Roadmap Items

The following items are not in priority order. If you are interested in a feature, please see the Contact Us page and get in touch.

1. Site Features

1.1. Support Ticketing System

Allow your users to submit help and support requests. Support items will be recorded in the system and help you track requests from your users!

1.2. File Management

Connect your Bilby Account to a file storage service. Files access can be limited to users by their roles. Bilby will ensure files can only be access by users with the appropriate permissions.

1.3. Website Content

Basic system support for website pages and a navigation tree. This feature could potentially provide groups with the ability to store their informational pages in Bilby providing a one stop shop for club management.

1.3. Club Forums

A forum system that allows users to post threads and comments on threads. This can be used to communicate with club members and share knowledge, or ask questions.

2. Functional Features

2.1. Direct Communication

Allow Member Officers to communicate with Users directly in the system and visa versa. Messages would result in a email notifications and facilitate 2 way communication requests with Partner accounts.

2.2. Weekly Stats

Weekly email stats for Officer level Users providing interesting metrics related to your Bilby Account. Keep track of club stats and receive an overview of reporting metrics.

2.3. Improved Record Management

Support filtering and queries on custom fields in reporting administration pages. Also faster queries and saved administration lists. Quickly access data from an administration list.

2.4. Activity Addresses

Improvements to Addresses for Activities that will allow an activity to hold a street address similar to the Users address.

2.5. Membership Products

Support a new type of membership product that will prompt Officers to action an item. Introduce a new status of ‘Awaiting Action’ when a product is purchased and allow purchases to be reviewed.

2.6. Record Merging

Merging records for administrators to support merging User Accounts to allow Officers the ability to easily organise data.