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Feature Roadmap

Every now and then we receive some suggestions for amazing features. We keep track of these internally, however some we like to share with the public. We also have our own ideas that we think would be great to include in the software.

Here is a list of some of the most important features we are thinking about.

Roadmap Items

  • File Management: Connect your Bilby Account to a file storage service and limit access to files for your Users.
  • Direct Communication: Member Officers can communicate with Users directly and visa versa. Messages would result in a email notifications.
  • Improved Record Management: Support filtering and queries on custom fields in reporting administration pages.
  • Site Stats: Weekly email stats for Officer level Users providing interesting metrics related to your Bilby Account.
  • Administration Lists: Save your filtered lists on the administration reporting pages and quickly access your own personal lists.
  • Activity Addresses: Improvements to Addresses for Activities that will allow an activity to hold a street address similar to the Users address.
  • Support System: Allow your users to submit help and support requests. Support items will be recorded in the system and help you track requests from your users!
  • Membership Products: Support for a new status ‘Awaiting Action’. When purchased a Member Officer can easily see products that require an action.
  • Profile Improvements: Improvements to a Users profile page including adding a profile image to your account.
  • Record Merging: Merging records for administrators to support merging accounts such as Users and Activities.
  • Restricted Activities: Support private club configuration where Users can only access Partner content with an authenticated account.