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0.3.0-Alpha [2022-02-02]

This release focussed on subscriptions, notifications and emails. In this release we introduced email functionality and the base engine for notifications.


  • Created layout for system generated emails
  • Created layout for subscription/notification generated emails
  • Added System Notifications
    • Notify leaders when someone comments on their activity
    • Notify leaders when someone creates a booking on their activity
    • Notify Users that have a booking and the activity has a new notification created
    • Notify Users when an activity has been updated and notification created
    • Notify Users when membership renewals are open
    • Notify Users when membership expiry is close
    • Notify Leaders + Exec when activity has not been marked as completed
  • Created unsubscribe page and subscription preference logic
  • Renamed app name to in various places
  • Added public contact form on single page activities
  • Added related upcoming activities that match tags on activity single page
  • Restricted activity public comments to members only
  • Added admin ability to filter activity participants by their status


  • Removed withdrawn status from participant management screen as this is user controlled
  • Added logic to filter activities and users to be filtered by created date (No UI at this stage)
  • Split comment sections on public single page activity
  • Updated activities and bookings labels on user profile to hopefully make things less confusing
  • Updated admin participant order, activity owner is now at top, followed by leaders, then members
  • Added some design work and image assets


  • Added captcha on anon user entry points such as initial registration and activity contact form


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