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0.7.0-Alpha [2022-06-01]

This release was a major update to the Bilby administration section. This added the beginning logic to have a responsive and usable dashboard for users. It also includes major modifications to Bilby core roles and permissions.


  • Update to roles and super admin roles with better security
  • Added mobile friendly administration structure
  • Migrated some components to mobile friendly structure
  • Added receipts administration reporting structure
  • Updated system routes and added better protection for routes
  • Added error pages UI and added primary call to action


  • Added better filters for users browsing their activities and bookings
  • Reporting pages show default sorting to users
  • Added profile overview page and membership card details
  • Moved profile admin buttons to more logical location
  • Moved user tags and cleaned up contact form and profile UI

General Updates

  • Increased upload sizes by a small amount and added better handling of rejected files
  • Added large notification for cancelled activities
  • Cleaned up notification message for a users booking on an activity
  • Added consistency and updated badges on activity list
  • Various other UI updates and improvements
  • Cleaned up subscription layouts and pages


  • Fixed safari popup bug with icons and positioning of popovers
  • Fixed receipt reporting bugs and relationships
  • Fixed cases where admin tags could error on duplicates
  • Fixed site logo issue where it did not save
  • Fixed issue with printing activity not displaying new activity type fields
  • Fixed cart issue where items would not save correctly
  • Fixed issue where roles did not allow access to correct part of the system
  • Fixed issue where membership profiles would try create duplicate
  • Fixed issue where a logged in user would always see their comments on any activity
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