Configuring your Partner Site

Configuring Membership and User Types

In Bilby, Super Admin users can configure User Types and Membership products to suit their Partner site.

Additionally you can specify default privacy settings for new users and other things related to your site.

Accessing membership and user configurations

To configure membership and user types, first sign in with a Super Admin account, and navigate to the administration section of the site. Select the “Configure Membership” option and then select which item you would like to configure.

  • Sign in using a Super Admin account
  • Click on your User Profile on the top right of any window
  • Select the “Administration” option
  • Use the navigation sidebar to select the “Configure Memberships” option

Configuring User Types

User types allow you to specify custom fields that will be associated with user accounts. For example, a bushwalking club might require emergency contact details in their user database. In this section you would specify that field on a User Type.

To visit this section and configure a User Type visit the “Configure Memberships” section using the instructions above.

  • Select the “User Types” option
  • Create a new user type or modify an existing User Type
  • When selecting a User Type you will see fields associated to this user type
  • Select the “Add new field” button to create a new custom field.

Configuring Membership Products

Membership Products allow you to automatically take purchases for membership. You can create different products based on your group and make these products available to users based on certain criteria.

To visit this section and configure Membership Products visit the “Configure Memberships” section using the instructions above.

  • Select the “Membership Products” option
  • Create a new product or edit an existing product
  • Fill out the required fields to create/modify the Membership Product

Configuring Membership Settings

When you are in the “Configure Membership” section, you can also visit the general settings which includes information about the default membership type, required bookings and default privacy.