Configuring your Partner Site

Configure Site Settings

Bilby provides some configurable Site Settings that help make your Bilby site personal to your group.

Here are some of the sections that are configurable and a description of how the affect your site.

General Settings

This is an important section that allows you to change and update your Bilby site information. In this section you can do things like configure your site name, change your site logo and add a site description and add a link to an informational website.

These elements are used throughout the Bilby site to help with user experience.

Date & Time Settings

Configure your timezone and date display preference. Each date & timestamp in Bilby uses your selected display preference. Timestamps for comments and user interactions will display in the selected local time.

Activity Settings

  • Activity Owner Selectable Statuses: Bilby allows a Super Admin control over what activity statuses can be selected by activity owners. This gives a Partner control over how an activity owner may submit a new activity for offer.

  • Activity Default Start: This setting allows a Partner to specify a default location near their org and simply serves as a convenience when placing a start marker on a map.


This section allows a Super Admin control over connecting their payment provider account to Bilby. In this section you can also revoke access to a connected account by clicking on the “Remove Access” when an account is already connected.

Membership General Settings

  • Bookings Required: This setting controls how many bookings are required before a user can apply for membership.

    When this number is set to zero, guests are allowed to apply for membership without restrictions on booking criteria.

    If this number is greater than zero the number will be used to check if a user has booked the limit of activities.

    For example: If the number is set to 3 bookings required, then the system will only allow the User to create a booking with an ‘Interested’ status.

    A user will be unable to apply for membership until they have compelted at least 3 bookings.