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0.8.0-Alpha [2022-06-10]

Main feature for this release was the improvements to SEO for activities and other entities. Also many improvements to the activity change owner functionality.


  • Added SEO rendering for activities and other entities.
    • Activity items will show uploaded images when shared on social media
    • Activity title and description will be used when sharing
    • General improvements to SEO items


  • Added better UI for activity list and cleaned up filters and headers
  • Added improvement to user tags
  • Added users subscription status in reporting
  • Updated UI for bookings to make them cleaner and more readable
  • Improved the filters for bookings
  • Removed odd autofocus on registration form
  • Removed message on members list that was confusing

General Updates

  • Added cache busting on CSS for new releases
  • Renamed various parts of the account pages to remove “public” as a word
  • Deprecated old unused libraries
  • Increased the general size of supported activity images
  • Updated large sized contact information
  • Removed bookings that where duplicated from an activity owner perspective


  • Fixed issue where users could not access contact card
  • Fixed issue with booking message on restricted activities
  • Fixed issue with activity start location rendering on maps


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