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0.8.x-Alpha [2022-07-13]

[0.8.1-alpha - 0.8.5-alpha] Some big features and major structural changes in the application. This release was mostly to support the Production infrastructure and add in some nice features that were requested by Partners.


  • Make Bilby production ready and support multi tenancy
  • Add site settings for timezone
  • Update webname entity to support future user tagging
  • Update production file storage system


  • Cleaned up email formatting and messages
  • Added quick links to different sections on a users activities (notes, details, participants)
  • Added a status for review on activities that can be turned off
  • Added information on participants and status on the activity single page
  • Removed ugly home page and just show activity list
  • Removed archives page and added better filtering on activity page
  • Updated members list to match new UI updates on activities
  • Added smarter logic on navigation to remember if open or closed for a user
  • Cleaned up search modal for small devices

General Updates

  • Deprecated old unused code
  • Added site setting feedback for payment configurations
  • Updated expiry status after the date of expiry for users instead of the same date
  • Wired up production emails for the system
  • Improved documentation across the system


  • Fixed issue with payments and added better reporting
  • Fixed issue where saving profile would clear out users avatar
  • Fixed issue with receipt manager sorting on created date
  • Fixed issue with site settings that were not tenant aware
  • Fixed issue with pagination showing when no pages available
  • Fixed issue with safari button links
  • Fixed issue where editing a tag with a deleted tag name would prevent saving
  • Fixed issue with the timezone helper always returning a date even when nothing should be returned


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