FAQS - For Users

Why am I having troubles signing up?

Bilby needs to verify you are the owner of your email address when you first sign up. We do this by “remembering” who you are on the browser that you are using. In rare cases this can fail for some reason.

To get yourself back on track you can select Forgot Password on the login screen and enter your email. We will send you a token to allow you to reset your password. This will also verify you own your email address. Then you can login normally and start making those bookings!

How do I verify my email?

When you first create an account with Bilby, either by registering yourself or being added by a Partner, you will have an “Unverified” email address. This can also happen when you or a Partner change the email address associated with your account.

Bilby will send an email to the address specified with a special link that will verify you are the owner of that address. Simply click the link and Bilby will take care of the rest.

Why can’t I renew my membership?

There are some rare cases when processing a membership purchase or renewal fails. Although these do not happen often, it is a reality that it can happen. If you have processed a payment and there is any issue with your membership, please contact your Partner immediately and let them know. They will be able to verify the transaction using their payment provider, and also fix any issues in Bilby.

Why can’t I see a certain status for an activity?

Bilby Partners configure the allowed statuses that can be selected for activities. This means activity owners may not have authority to select a certain status if the Bilby Partner has not allowed it. Please consult your Bilby Partner to confirm if you should have access to a certain activity status.

How do I join an activity in Bilby?

There are only a few steps that need to be taken to register interest in a Bilby activity. First, find a Partner running on Bilby, and then follow the detailed instructions on How to Join an upcoming activity.

What is a Partner?

A Partner account is an Organisation, Club or Association that is managing their account using Bilby. Partners can vary with their activity offering and have additional rules for becoming a Member of their Club. Bilby facilitates these actions and makes it easy for you, the user.