Payments and Processing

Membership Purchase Errors & Renewal Errors

Sometimes things can go wrong when renewing or purchasing a membership via Bilby. Thankfully problems are rare but when they happen can be fixed.

Once the page has finished processing, users can refresh the page, and click on the ‘Cancel Order’ button. They will receive a response to inform them if we could successfully cancel the transaction.

Depending on the result, the user will be able to see one of the following.

Status Code Description
Success - A green message will appear and we were able to cancel the order
Error ORDER_NOT_FOUND A red message will appear and we were unable to find the order related to the current user.
Error ORDER_NOT_AVAILABLE A red message will appear and we were not able to retrieve your order from the payment provider.
Error ORDER_PROCESSED A red message will appear and this current order has already been finalised by the payment provider but not by the app.
Error PAYMENT_PROVIDER_UNAVAILABLE A red message will appear and we cannot reach the payment provider, Verify the account is still connected to a payment provider, and then the user can try again later.

The next step would be to verify the transaction in your payment provider account.

If the payment has been processed, you can manually update Bilby to reflect the outcome, or issue a refund.

In each of these cases, we recommend requesting screenshots and forwarding that to the Bilby team. This can be helpful in improving the system.