FAQS - for Officers

This information is relevant for Users given a Officer Role.

How do I change an activity to a new owner?

Activity Officers and the Activity Owner of an activity are able to change an activity’s owner. If you have the Activity Officer role and would like detailed instructions on how to change an activity owner, check out the Changing an Activity Owner page.

What is the difference between the “Finish Activity” button and changing a status to “Completed”? (when administering an activity)

When using the “Finish Activity” button, Bilby will run some tasks to finalise an activity in the background. This also includes setting the activity to a “Completed” status. We recommend using this button when finishing an activity to allow Bilby the chance to perform its actions related to finalising an activity.

Changing the status will only update the state of an activity. See more information on the Controlling activity status page.

I am an Member Officer, how do I handle deceased accounts?

It is a sad reality that we can lose members through passing. During these tough times, we do not want to bombard family members with unnecessary notifications or marketing. We recommend users with Member Officer level access perform a deactivation of the user account.

Also, you may like to communicate this to the rest of the org by creating a tag for a “Memorial Account” and make this public/private which will allow other org members visibility over this change. See Membership Tagging for more information.