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0.11.x-beta [2023-01-30]

[0.11.0-beta - 0.11.1-beta] Version 11 focusses on the Bookings pipelines and system notifications. Included are major upgrades of the Activity Owners and Users Booking interactions along with various other user interface improvements.

0.11.1-beta [2023-02-09]

This update rebuilds the logic for Activity Notes. We removed the notification note type (It is now reserved for Model status changes like Bookings and Activities) and removed the “Member Comment” section on an activity’s public page in favour of the “Message Board” feature.

We added the Message Board feature which is a useful section that allows “Approved” participants the ability to communicate and collaborate on an activity along with the Activity Owner.

We have iterated and improved the system notifications related to messages and notes. We also built in the ability to Tag other approved participants on an activity.


  • Created the Message Board feature
  • Added ability for participants to communicate easily
  • Added ability to tag individual approved participants
  • Added ability to tag approved participant group
  • Added booking page features including:
    • Added feedback to show when a booking has been finalised
    • Added label to show when a booking is Awaiting Activity Owner
    • Added tab to view activity details when activity is public
    • Added tab to view Message Board
    • Added tab to see approved participants
    • Improved the booking layout and UI


  • Updated the design of the bookings list to be simpler and cleaner
  • Updated the public activity question form to be easier to understand
  • Updated email templates for activity notes
  • Updated Activity Owners activity list to show upcoming and past and other UI updates

General Updates

  • Deprecated “Member Comments” section on public activities
  • Cleaned up notification preferences labels and descriptions
  • Cleaned up labels on finish activity and cancel activity action
  • Improved message on registration screen when email already registered
  • Security update on package dependencies


  • Added message when user is trying to re-book a trashed booking
  • Fixed minor issue with booking status dropdown that appeared in edge cases
  • Fixed minor UI issue with poorly formatted activity description

0.11.0-beta [2023-01-20]

We added a notification system that bundles user contributed notes at a configured interval. When someone in the system creates a note or updates an entity status, this will trigger an email notification. Bilby will then wait for a configured period of time before sending that notification. This will allow several updates to be added before notifying the intended recipient and prevent spamming a user.


User related booking updates:

  • Added new page for users to administer their bookings
  • Added notifications for a user when their booking has been updated
  • Added badge to show new notifications on a booking
  • Added notes timeline to see all notes related to a booking
  • Added ability to remove a booking

Activity Owner related participant updates:

  • Added new page for activity owners to administer a participant
  • Added notifications for an activity owner when a booking has been updated
  • Added badge to show new notifications on a participant
  • Added notes timeline to see all notes added to a booking
  • Added ability to remove a booking
  • Added ability to recall a booking that has been removed


  • Added more logical filters to a users bookings list including upcoming and past bookings
  • Added quicker method to change a participants booking status
  • Moved admin buttons for Changing Owner and Printing Participant list to “Actions”
  • Include Activity Owners activity in their own bookings list marked with a highlight
  • Updated SEO metadata components and improved site manifest data

General Updates

  • Updated label on the members list to show User ID
  • Removed checkbox when creating a new booking which was difficult to see
  • Created activity short title used throughout the application
  • Cleaned up the pagination component on lists to reduce clutter
  • Renamed “Notifications” to “Privacy” on users privacy account settings
  • Added link to wiki page about privacy settings in the privacy notification


  • Fixed issue with a users booking list and paginating filters


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