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0.4.1-Alpha [2022-02-12]

Starting to polish Bilby for production. This release added functionality to many of the UI components that were placeholders including download calendar event logic and more.


  • Added download calendar event logic for all public activities
  • Activity search and filtering on public UI
    • Allow search and filter by activity type to stack rather than compete
    • Gave activity list and member list design treatment
  • Added finalised logo to all logo sections


  • User Management improvements
    • Added backend logic to filter by user created dates (No UI)
    • Improved UI of unverified users
  • Added UI for members list for active members
  • Added UI for activity list public/archives etc.
  • Added ability for Exec users to re-assign activities by user ID
  • Updated booking label request to something more generic
  • Deprecated unused user badges
  • Added home page placeholder (Design for this page has started)
  • Added better logic to return to administration pages
    • Admin on a users activities will be directed to activity admin
    • Admin on a users profile will be directed to users admin
  • Allow activity coordinator to see leaders membership status on bookings
    • This allows a Leader oversight over all participants not just members
  • Improved the UI for activity action bar and removed some confusing UI

General Updates

  • Internal updates and performance improvements
  • Updated administration accounts
  • Allow times to be optional and process timestamps better
  • Updated booking confirm page structure (This will be finished in next release)


  • Membership timestamps were not being populated in certain scenarios
  • Changed date time picker to use native date picker
    • This was because of upstream bugs with flatpickr
  • Fixed bug on comment section in activity where user would see own notifications


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