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14.x [2024-04-22]

[14.0.0] Bilby version 14.0.0 includes some major server updates and changes. This latest release has major updates to our operating system, server language, system packages and dependencies. We have also bumped the initial zero in our release notes and officially moved off BETA.

14.0.0 [2024-04-24]

We have returned to perform some user requested features and add some quality of life improvements to help users with their general tasks.

General Updates

  • Super admin accounts are now visible and searchable across user reporting
  • Removed the unpopular Shift+Enter to submit notes shortcut
  • Renamed “Actions” to “Options” on management forms to help differentiate from “Admin” actions
  • Removed internal EntityType field in internal user reporting
  • Added warning to activity administration pages when leaving page with unsaved edits
  • Added “Activity Owner” to administration notes to facilitate communication with Officers
  • Added duration of days on activities list
  • Updated application structure to facilitate new infrastructure
  • Updated system packages and dependencies


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