Super Admin Users

Bilby Partner Overview

What is a Bilby Partner?

Bilby Management Software helps to coordinate Members and Activities. A Bilby Partner is an organisation, club or group that uses this software. We understand that every Bilby Partner is different and that there can be different team members involved, including volunteers, committee members or regular users that occasionally help out. To make administration easier we have created a hierarchy of roles within Bilby that allow Bilby Partner’s to delegate work amongst its admin users.

Bilby Partner Hierarchy

Let’s take a look at the different User Roles available as a Bilby Partner that help keep Bilby secure.

Bilby hierarchy structure

Level 1 - Super Admin

The Super Admin role has the highest level of access in Bilby. When you have this role you can do anything other roles can do, as well as configure your Partner Site, Create Membership Products, Configure Activity and User Types, and much more.

With this role you can also assign / remove Officer roles to other Users. A Super Admin is responsible for managing these roles for their Partner Site.

Bilby allows up to 3 Users from your Partner Site to have this role. Users with this role will have direct access to Bilby help and support.

Level 2 - Officers

Officers have access to records in the system. They can perform searching and reporting actions, and communicate with the broader user base. The Officer roles are split into 3 categories and any User can be assigned any combination of these roles.

Members Officer

When users have been given this role, they can view other User records, profiles and access administration actions like Updating Membership Expiry date, Updating the User’s information, adding administration notes to a Users account and more.

Activity Officer

When a User has the Activity Officer role, they can administer other Users activities. They can comment on bookings, interact with the Activity Owner, approve or remove Activities. This role is usually given to someone with authority over the Activity program.

Receipt Officer

This role gives a User access to financials in the system. A Receipt Officer can generate payment records associated with a user, and view previous payments made by a particular user account.

Level 3 - Activity Owners, Members, and Guests

Here we have our regular users. These are the general users that have access to their own accounts, and can modify their own information at any time. These include public Users of they system who do not yet hold an account (They cannot perform any action in the system), and Guests/Members which are financial/non-financial users.

Activity Owners could be considered above Members/Guests, however Bilby sees these Users as the same as Members and can only see extra information if that has been shared by someone booking on their activity.