Community Guidelines

Liability Waivers

Some Activity Owners request releases directly with their Users, separate from the Bilby Terms of Service. The details of a release and what a release contains depends on the nature and activity of a specific Partner, and what kinds of issues the release is meant to address.

Another issue to consider regarding releases is how a Partner will get Users to sign a release. Some Partners have their Users sign a paper copy. This can be done either at every activity, or one time upon initially joining a Partner. You may also have Users agree to an online release as part of the registration process. We’ve seen Partners add this as part of a required set of profile questions. Also, if a Partner allows guests at an activity, consideration should be given as to how a guest will sign a release.

Note: This is general information and not legal advice about any specific situation. Also, the laws regarding liability vary from state to state. You should consult a lawyer for advice about your specific situation.