Community Guidelines

Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour

Reporting another User

If you believe another User is in violation of the Terms of Service and should be reported, the first step is to contact your Partner.

We provide a link to our Partners informational Website via the Bilby Website header. You can find this on any Partner Designated Domain.

For example: If the Partner in this case is XYZ, and their Partner Designated Domain was, then you would find the link on in the header.

If your Partner does not provide any method for contacting them, please review on about reporting a Partner.

Reporting a Partner

At Bilby, we want all of the content that appears on to be meaningful and truthful.

If you believe a Partner is hosting content that is in violation of the Terms of Service or cannot reach a Partner to make a report, please see the Contact Us page to see how to get in touch us.

We take all reports seriously.