Community Guidelines

Support and Requests

Our user share a lot of great ideas and that is awesome! We love hearing that people are using Bilby and their creativity is flowing.

When getting in contact with us, it helps to scale how impactful a request / question might be, so we know where they sit relevant to other items that have been raised.

For example, privacy and security issues rank quite high on our radar. Features that would greatly improve usability would rank average. Minor annoyances and small usability issues tend to rank lower in comparison.

Support & Request Rating Guidelines

Please use the scale below to determine what level of urgency you might have.

Rating When something is related to:
8 - 10 (High)
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Payments
  • Errors
4 - 7 (Medium)
  • Bugs
  • Issues
  • Questions
  • Usability
1 - 3 (Low)
  • Feedback
  • Suggestions
  • Ideas
  • Feature Request

The above scale is just a guideline and you are free to rank any requests how you see fit. This helps us prioritise our future work accordingly.