Community Guidelines

Email Notifications

With today’s modern communication, emails can be quite a complex issue, and we’ve all heard those stories about emails not making it to their intended destinations. Just like the old-fashioned postal service, there are many players involved in getting your emails from A to B. So, it’s important to keep in mind that we can’t promise that your notifications will always arrive on time or even at all, as there are various factors that can affect their delivery, and many are out of our control.

Why didn’t Bilby send me an email notification?

Bilby’s system incorporates checks to evaluate whether it’s appropriate to send email notifications to users. This precautionary measure is designed to deter spam and misuse while ensuring that users are not overloaded with multiple notifications. We prioritise a cautious approach, which may occasionally lead to notifications being intentionally withheld to maintain system security and user convenience.

How do I report spam messages?

If you wish to report someone sending spam, we recommend first letting your Bilby Partner know. They will have the tools to block a User. If you are unsatisfied with their response, please use our Contact Us page to report the incident and include your Partner organisation so we can investigate.