Running Activities

Controlling activity status

Activity status tracks changes to an activity state and allows activity owners and activity officers the ability to control visibility.

Available Statuses

Name Description
Draft Activity is being updated and is not visible to public.
Review Activity is ready for an officer to review.
Open to Public Activity is ready for bookings.
Members Only Activity is ready for bookings from members only.
Closed Activity is no longer taking bookings.
Completed Activity has returned/been completed and has been marked as finished.
Cancelled Activity has been cancelled for a reason.
Removed Activity has been locked or removed by an officer for a reason.

What activities appear in the public activity list?

Activities will be visible in the activity list depending on their status. All activities are visible except for the statuses outlined below.

Activities with the status Draft, Review and Removed are not visible on the public facing site.

Members Only can be booked by active members.

Who can change an activity status?

Activity Officers

Activity Officers can change activity status anytime to any state using the admin buttons “Change Status”.

Activity Owners

Activity Owners can change an activity to;

  • Draft
  • Review
  • Open to Public
  • Members Only
  • Closed

When an activity has one the above statuses, Activity Owners can always “Finish Activity” and “Cancel Activity” by using the admin buttons provided when administering an activity.