Member Officer

User Statuses Explained

Bilby tracks Users that join a Partner. Partners will be able use this information to identify what stage a User account is currently in.

The following statuses will be assigned to a User Account when they have been registered in Bilby. These can be changed anytime by an Member Officer.


A new User has a Member Status of Guest. Guest Accounts can then register interest in Open to Public activities. Once a Guest has completed the required activities configured by a Partner, they can submit an application to become a Member.


Once a Guest has submitted their application they then are given a Member Status of Submitted. They are now waiting for a Member Officer user to process their application.


If a Submitted User Account is approved, then a Member Officer can select Approved to enable access to membership products. See the Approving Membership guide for detailed information about Approved or Declined memberships.


A Bilby user will be given the Member Status of Member automatically when they have made a purchase through the system. They will also have an expiry date automatically set by the system. These users are considered “Active Members”


A Bilby user with the Member Status of Expired means they have previously had a status or “Member”, but this has lapsed and they have not renewed their membership.


A Bilby user that has had their account deactivated for some reason. This can be because they have requested their account to be deactivated or because they have been marked so because of non-compliance with Bilby Terms of Service.