Member Officer

Approving Membership

When processing Submitted Membership applications, Bilby gives you time to process this application offline. There may be some verification that takes place, or reviewing the members profile.

Once this has happened, Member Officers can quickly approve/decline the membership application.

To update a User Status from Submitted to Approved/Declined;

  • First navigate to the Users profile page
  • Select “Manage Membership” in the administration section
  • Select Approved or Declined and update
  • Notify the User they have been approved and membership products are available

Approved Membership

A Guest with a status of Approved will be able to access membership products. They will see any membership products available when they login to Bilby.

If a User purchases a membership product that offers 12 months of membership, the Approved Guest will then be given a Member Status of Member and 12 months added to their membership expiry date.

The user can now comment on activities, engage with the community and register interest on activities without restrictions!

Declined Membership

Guests membership applications can be declined for a number of valid reasons. They may not have satisfied the base criteria to join the Bilby Partner. They may have not provided accurate information, or a number of other reasons.

In case the Guest will still be able to continue using the system as a Guest until they are able to submit their application again.

If a user has been declined for abuse, it is recommended to Deactivate the Account. This will set the User to Deactivated and archive the User record preventing access to that Account.