Membership Info

Purchasing Membership

Once you have been approved for membership, any membership products create by the Bilby Partner will be made available to you.

Step 1 - Verify you have been approved for membership

To verify that you have been approved for membership;

  • Navigate to your Profile Page
  • Select the Membership tab
  • View your membership card
  • You should see a membership status of “Approved”

This will signify that you are now able to purchase any membership products on offer.

Step 2 - Purchase a membership product

Partners configure their own membership products. This means that a Partner can decide how long they would like to offer for their memberships.

When you select the Membership tab in your Profile you will see the available products that have been configured.

  • Select a membership product by clicking the “Buy Product” button
  • Proceed with the payment gateway
  • Your membership status will be updated to “Member” and you should see your expiry set with the duration that has been purchased.

For more information check out the guide on Membership Renewals