Using Bilby

My Profile Page

Bilby captures important information about yourself which helps Activity Owners identify attendees. It also helps ensure participants are safe and can be identified while on activities.

Profile Sections

There are 4 important sections that make up your profile in Bilby.

Section Description
Contact Your user account information
Address Your address information
Details Your Bilby Partner requested information
Membership Your membership information including purchases and renewals

We recommend taking time to fill out your profile information which can be visible to activity owners when you create a booking.

View My Profile

Follow the steps below to navigate to your profile.

  1. Login to your Partners Designated Domain
  2. Click on your user name and select “My Account”
  3. You should see a navigation item named “Profile”, select that
  4. Now you will see the 4 sections described above, click on a tab to view that section