Using Bilby

Privacy Preferences

Bilby takes user privacy very seriously. This is why we built granular control over what information you share.

Visibility of Information

There are 3 default settings that can be selected when sharing information in Bilby. These can be changed anytime by logging into your account and visiting the Preferences page.

Here is a description of the following options and some information on what they mean.

1. Visible to admin officers only

This setting is the default setting that will only allow users designated with administration officers roles access to your information.

2. Visible to any activity owner

Select this when you want to share information with activity owners only. When you create a new booking, this information will become available to the owner of this activity.

3. Visible to any active member

When you select this option, this information is now visible to any Active Member. This is visible in the member list, which you must be an active member to access.

See more information about for a definition on active member.