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How to Join

Joining a Bilby Partner

Have you found a partner running on Bilby and you would like to join as a member? Great! Bilby makes this a simple process that can be done when viewing an activity that is ‘Open to Public’ and registering interest.

Part 1 - Attending an Activity as a Guest

When you find an activity you would like to join, simply click the Can I attend button and Create a new account by filling out the information requested. This will:

  1. Create a new user account
  2. Register your user account as a guest of the Bilby partner
  3. Create a booking request for the selected activity

The activity owner will be notified that you have created a booking request, and prompt the activity owner to process your booking.

When bookings are approved you will be able to attend the activity and meet other members from this Bilby Partner.

Part 2 - Applying for Membership

Bilby allows you to send a membership request once the system sees that you have completed the basic requirements determined by the partner.

To apply for membership in the Bilby System:

  1. Navigate to the My Account page
  2. Select the Membership Tab on your account
  3. Follow the form to Submit your membership application
  4. The organisation is then Notified that your request was submitted
  5. Wait for a result notification

Your application will be reviewed by the Bilby Partner and you will be notified of when your application has been processed.

If you are Approved you will be able to Purchase Membership