Super Admin Users

Deleting User Data

Bilby allows you to clear data from a User account, ensuring that data removal requests are properly fulfilled.

How do I delete a User account?

First login with a Super Admin account and open any Users profile page. Using the Super Admin navigation, click on the “Stats” page option. Here you can find an option to purge a users account.

  • Login to Bilby with a Partner Account / Super Admin
  • Navigate to any Users Profile
  • Select the ‘Stats’ option from the Super Admin menu
  • Click on the ‘Purge Account’ item from the Options menu
  • Confirm the action

Once a record has been purged from the system, the email related to this record can now be re-used to create a new account. To block or ban a User, check out the Deactivating a user guide.

What records are destroyed when purging an Account?

The following records will be removed when actioning the “Purge User Account”.

  • User data will be cleared and only the record ID preserved
  • All Audits related to the user account
  • All Notes that are contributed by a user
  • All Notes that are related to the user contributed by others
  • All Trashed Bookings will be removed
  • Receipts that were deleted (not visible receipts)