Activity Officer

Moderating An Activity

As an Activity Officer, you may choose to moderate an activity on behalf of an Activity Owner. This may need to be done for a number of reasons.

Activity Officer Account holders can perform any action an Activity Owner can do and more. There are no restrictions on making changes to an Activity.

How do I moderate an Activity?

To access the administration section for any activity, see the Activity Management and Reporting page. From here you can perform updates to any of the activity information the same as an Activity Owner.

How do I remove an Activity?

There are sometimes instances where an Activity will need to be removed for some reason. To remove an Activity;

  • Navigate to the Activity
  • Select ‘Change Status’ from the options at the top of the management page
  • Change the Activity status to ‘Removed’ and save

This will remove an Activity from any public activity lists and prevent Users from being able to create bookings for this Activity.