Adding a booking manually

When an activity is Open to Public, Users can create a booking and express interest. Bilby also lets you add Users manually to an activity.

How do I add an existing user?

Navigate to your User list for an activity. You will see an Action button dropdown menu which will allow you to Add a User.

A modal will appear asking you for an email address. This will allow Bilby to identify the User in the system.

1. When Bilby can identify the User by email

Bilby will search the membership database to see if it can recognise the User. If it finds a record, it will create a booking.

If the activity is publicly visible (see the Admin tab for this information), is allowed to send notifications and the Users email address is verified, then the User will be “Invited” and sent a notification to accept or decline the booking.

Bilby will also create auditing records to let administrators know who added this booking.

2. When Bilby cannot identify the User by email

If Bilby does not recognise the email address, it will ask you to create a new user record.

To do this you just give the new user a name and then create a user profile. A booking will be created along with some auditing records to let administrators know who created this new user profile. At this stage, the new user record will have an unverified email address.

The user profile created in this way will serve as a placeholder and no emails will be sent to the address. If the person you have added wishes to interact with Bilby they will need to complete their registration and verify the email address in the normal manner.