View bookings details

How do I see more booking details?

When you create an activity and make it available to users, you will be able to view any bookings created and administer them.

Simply navigate to your User List and you will see a list of the Users that have registered interest in this activity along with some other useful information.

Click “Details” on a booking to see more information.

What can I see on a booking?

There are several sections to help you administer your booking and communicate with the Users.

Booking Notes

You can add a note for the User and they can respond! This serves as a nice timeline of communication between you and the booking owner. See more about Send a direct message.

Booking Info

In this section, you will have access to information that can be useful when deciding how you would like to administer your bookings;

Booking Created Date: The booking created date will show when a user registered interest. This can be used to determine a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Membership Status: Sometimes a new Guest that has not participated will register interest. You will be able to identify these users by their Membership Status which is visible on their booking.

Shared Info: By default you will have access to the Member/Guest’s username. Other information may have been shared if the User has authorised it when selecting their Privacy Preferences.