Using Bilby

Booking statuses for Users

When you create a booking with a Partner using Bilby, it will follow a path that is determined by the Activity Owner. They can specify if they would like to manually validate your booking before giving you the go-ahead to join!

Bilby will let you know what your booking is doing when you sign in and view your bookings. You can see if it is awaiting action from the Activity Owner, or if your booking has been marked as void.

What are the possible booking statuses?


An Activity Owner will select Interested, when you can only register interest in an Activity. You can still communicate with the Activity Owner on your booking, and they can change this status anytime.

Sometimes when you send a message on an activity, Bilby will register a booking as interested so the Activity Owner can respond to your question!


Sometimes an Activity Owner has asked to manually review your booking. Bilby will set these bookings to Pending. This means the booking is awaiting action from the Activity Owner. Once they have reviewed your information, they can convert your booking to “Valid”, “Void” or even “Interested”.


When a booking is Valid, there is nothing else to be done. You can assume you are all set to join the activity and everything is ok. You will have access to the Message Board and can chat to other Participants and the Activity Owner.

It is the Activity Owners responsibility to communicate any changes with you.


When a booking is set to Void, this means the booking has been finalised for one reason or another. As a User, you are allowed to withdraw your booking intent. This will set the booking to Void and let the Activity Owner know you are no longer on the list of Valid participants.

An Activity Owner can also Void a booking however they see fit. They can also do this on your behalf if you request they remove the booking for you.