Running Activities

Clone an Activity

Bilby provides you with controls to clone your activities. This can be used to copy details to a new activity quickly.

Once an activity has been cloned, it is treated as a new activity, and will have the following applied:

  • The status will be set to “Draft”
  • The original Media/Featured Image will be copied and can be modified
  • The start date will be automatically set +7 days from the current date
  • If an end date has been provided, it will be cleared out

How do I clone an activity?

First of all, you must have permission to access the Activity record that you are trying to clone. Once you have access, you can use the admin controls to perform a quick clone.

  1. Login to an Account that has permission to access Activities
  2. Navigate to your Activity List (Current activities or Past activities)
  3. Select an Activity from the list
  4. Select the admin dropdown located at the top of the page
  5. Select the “Clone” button in the admin menu

Once you have cloned the Activity, you will be redirected to the management screen.