Activity Notes

Message Board

The Message Board is a great way to engage with participants.

A participant can engage and ask questions about an activity or message other valid participants to organise things like meeting place, changes to an activity or anything really!

How to access the Message Board for an Activity Owner

When viewing details for an Activity you own, you can access the Message Board by selecting the “Participants” tab, and clicking on the “Message Board” option.

Here you can engage with users and the group by writing them notes!

Tagging Users on the Message Board

Tagging is a powerful way to let someone on the Message Board know that you are trying to address them specifically. Bilby can also notify that User via email that someone mentioned them in a message.

For example, to tag a user:

Hello @BilbyUser99, How are you? :)

And to tag the group:

Hello @everyone, can you please let me know if you are not coming?

When Bilby detects a valid tag it will show up in a highlighted blue.

How to access the Message Board for a User

Users can access the Message Board by visiting their booking. While the booking is “Valid”, they will be able to send a note and read notes added by other Users!

A “Valid” booking is kind of like their access ticket for the Message Board.

Blocking a User from the Message Board

If you update a Users booking status to something that is not “Valid” such as “Void” or “Interested”, this will prevent them from viewing and adding notes to the Message Board.