Running Activities

Activity Overview

Activities are a key component of Bilby. When given permission by your Partner, you will be able to create your own activities and administer them.

How do I access activities?

  • Login to Bilby Management System
  • Click on your User Profile and select My Account
    • Desktop; located on the top right of the screen
    • Mobile; located in the mobile navigation menu
  • On the administration sidebar select My Activities

Creating a new activity

Access the “My Activities” page as described above. If you do not have permission, you may not see this option.

Once on the Activity list:

  • Click the “Create new activity” button
  • Fill out some basic information about your activity (You can always edit this later)
  • Click on save to create a new “Draft”

After you save your new activity, some new sections will become available where you can manage your new activity.

Activity Management

Once you have created a “Draft”, or are administering an existing Activity, Bilby gives you full control over your Activity in the following sections;

Activity Info - Everything about your activity

This section is everything to do with your activity data. When you want to change something about your activity, you can do that here!


Your activities important information like title, description, start date (and finish date if provided), and other information related to this activity.


This section contains information specific to this activity type. This is configured by your Partner and they will specify which fields are required. It may include details such as booking deadlines, the conditions involved and any other special requirements.


Give your activity a featured image to attract guests, and make your activity look great!


Add an optional map start location if you would like to provide that information.

Manage Users - Administer and communicate with your participants


Administer who is coming to your activity. You can see who has expressed interest in your activity here, also manage bookings, and message participants.

See the “Manage your bookings” page for more information.

Message Board

The message board is a notice board where valid participants can write messages and interact with each other.

See the “Message Board” for more information.


You can create administrative notes that can only be viewed by Partner administrative (privileged) account holders. This is a great section if you want to include reminders or notes about your activity.

See the “Administrative Notes” for more information.


Bilby will make some decisions based on your activity’s current status. This section will show you interesting information about your activity and how Bilby sees it.

Whats Next?

Once you are happy with your activity and ready to open it up for bookings, great!

Check out the Controlling Activity Status guide to learn how to control the visibility of your activity.