Manage your bookings

So, you have created an activity, and you have opened it up for bookings. Now users are showing interest, making comments, asking questions and creating bookings. Awesome!

How do I find the booking list for my activity?

To view booking associated with an activity;

  • Login and navigate to Your Profile Page
  • Select My Activities on your account
  • Select an Activity from your list
  • Click on the Manage Users tab

Controlling booking statuses

You can update a bookings status anytime. This is important to keep up-to-date because users will see this information on their bookings. Below are the statuses that are available on any booking.


A User has expressed interest by sending a comment, or has created a booking when this has been selected as the starting status. You can always consider this your own special status like a “Waiting List” for Users that have registered interest in your activity.


Select this status when you would like to manually reviewed each booking. Users will see that they do not have a “Valid” ticket to this activity and are awaiting your feedback.


The booking is valid, and no further action is required to take place.


Select this status when a booking has been cancelled, removed, withdrawn, declined and is no longer valid. The User will see this as their ticket has been cancelled. Void bookings require no further action.

Communicating with participants

Notes for individuals

When you have a booking registered on your activity, you can write notes that are visible to the registrant. Simply select the booking and type the User a note. If the activity is visible to the public, and is allowed to send notifications, Bilby will generate a notification to let the User know.

Notes for all participants

You can send messages that are visible to all valid participants. This can be found on the “Manage Users” section of the activity administration screen, then simply click on the Message Board tab. You can see more information about Message Board.

At the end of an activity

Let Bilby know who Participated

Bilby allows Activity Owners the ability to record attendance on an activity which is useful on a personal level to know what happened on your activities when looking back.

To finalise a booking and record attendance, you can click the “Finish Activity” button and you will be presented with a list of Users with Valid bookings.

Click on the Yes/No toggle for each Participant to show who attended, and who might have missed out. This will automatically update each Users attendance.

Add an administrative note to say how the activity went

Once you have finished recording attendance, you can click the “Next” button, and you will see an input box which can be used to write a note. This is handy to let other Officers know how the activity went, or if there were any issues.

If you choose to not write a note, you can simply click the “Finalise” button.

More information

For more information about managing booking see: