Activity Notes

Send a direct message

When a user has created a booking, they can send an Activity Owner a message. Activity Owners can also send a note to the participant. Bilby allows a two-way communication through the system.

How to access notes for a booking

An Activity Owner simply needs to visit the participants page on their activity and select a booking by clicking the “Details” button. On this page you can view the booking history and add notes.

Communicating with a user

When a booking status has been changed, Bilby will make a note along with the date of the change. This is made available to a User, so it is usually a good idea to communicate why the change was made. A User will only know why an Activity Owner has chosen to make a change if that information is shared, so we recommend writing a quick note and keeping your Participants informed.

Be courteous

It is important to remember when administering bookings that a User might be new and has not learnt the full requirements of your organisation yet. The responsibility of communicating this information can sometimes fall on the Activity Owner, so it is important to remember to be polite and courteous.