Notifications on Activities

When the activity is finished

Finishing your activity

When you have safely completed your activity it is important to let other users know and, if required, inform your Bilby Partner.

  • Update the booking statuses to reflect actual attendance.

  • Select the ‘Finish Activity’ button on the activity administration screen. You will have the opportunity to create an Administrative Note visible to administrators to include any useful information.

  • Add a note on the Message Board if you wish to share information with participants about how the activity went.

Reminder to finalise your activity

Bilby can remind you to finalise an activity when the end date has passed. To receive a reminder you will need to let Bilby know of a couple of things.

Add a finishing date & time

Set the optional finish date and time for an activity to let Bilby know it should check to see if your activity has been marked as completed after that time.

Set your activity to Closed

Set your activity to the “Closed” status before you start your activity, and Bilby will know that this activity is waiting to be completed. It will let users know that they can no longer create a booking!

Reminder notification

If you have done the above steps, when Bilby performs its next email cycle, it will send you a non-intrusive reminder to mark your activity as completed and let people know everything was ok.